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Meet the founder of Rumble Resolve Consulting

Hi, I'm Jamie Biesinger, PMP, CSM 


I'm a Sr. Project Manager & Agile Coach based in Seattle, WA, with over 10 years of experience implementing technology projects at mission-driven organizations. My experience includes various roles within the technology space: Consultant, Reporting Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, IT Project Manager, and more.

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Experience Highlights

Bigger Boat Consulting
Mercy Housing Project

Implementation to transition their 300-person resident services team from Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) to the Salesforce platform.  

More details...

Casey Family Programs

Managed multiple complex SaaS implementations, including Zoom, a contract management system, and OneDrive.

Bigger Boat Consulting
St. Joseph Center Project

Modernization and optimization of their cafe and food pantry operations.


Replaced a critical data integration and executed a data warehouse project that empowered strategic decision-making.

Working with me

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Various Perspectives

I understand that not everything can be solved with one approach. I naturally tackle problems from many angles to ensure that we identify the root cause(s) and collaboratively implement resolutions.

All Hands In

Embrace Imperfection

I embrace that life is unpredictable and things don’t go as planned. I work with others through the messiness of projects, processes, and technology by having honest rumbles to create a better future. 

Judgement Free

This is my dog, Sandro. Though he is judgemental... I'M NOT

If you are nervous about connecting with a consultant because you’re afraid or ashamed that you don’t know something, there is no need to worry. We are all on a journey of learning, and you don’t have to go it alone. I focus heavily on creating a safe environment and will gladly share my mistakes because we are all imperfect. 

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ADHD Super Powers

  • New challenges: I’m a person who thrives on being thrown into complex initiatives and creating a path forward.

  • Hyperfocus: When working on a challenge that doesn’t have a simple fix, my brain will be working day and night to find a solution. 

  • Love of learning: I’m interested in just about anything that crosses my path, and I’m excited to learn more.

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