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More Than a Service - A Collaborative Partnership and Vibrant Community

With Rumble Resolve Consulting, you gain more than just solutions. You access a judgment-free zone where learning and growth flourish. We'll work together, exploring solutions and shaping a better future. 

We're dedicated to empowering a community of leaders who drive the change they want to see. Our vision is to foster leadership development across diverse titles and roles through innovative initiatives that blend people, processes, and technology.

Mission, Vision, & Values

Empower a community of leaders who drive the change they want to see.
Fostering the development of leadership abilities across diverse titles and roles through initiatives that involve people, processes, and technology.


We lean into the discomfort of hard, necessary conversations, to get us closer to accomplishing our goals.


We do the right thing even when it's challenging. We are honest and driven by shared goals and outcomes.


We believe strong leaders support their communities through empathy and connection.


We provide transparency to ensure everyone is well informed to make decisions


We believe in continuous improvement and view setbacks as learning opportunities and springboards to new growth


We reflect on mistakes, take ownership, brainstorm solutions, and take action.

Behind The Name


“Rumble is a discussion, conversation, or meeting defined by a commitment to lean into vulnerability, to stay curious and generous, to stick with the messy middle of problem identification and solving, to take a break & circle back when necessary, to be fearless in owning our parts, and to listen with the same passion with which we want to be heard.”


- Brené Brown, Author of ‘Dare to Lead: Brave work. Tough conversations. Whole hearts’


  • to deal with successfully; clear up

  • to find an answer to

  • to make clear or understandable

To us, “rumble” also signifies that having uncomfortable and hard conversations results in long-term progress instead of short-term comfort. We'd much rather be temporarily uncomfortable with an honest conversation than spend months trying to solve the wrong problem and not reaching the goals we set.

First, we rumble.
Then, we resolve.

Chris Scheuermann

"Jamie went above and beyond in mentoring me as a PM who was newer to agile project management. Jamie takes time to listen to the customer, and genuinely seeks to understand their feedback throughout the process. "
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